Donald Groscost Work Statement

My primary interest lies in the observation of natural phenomena and the systems they inhabit. While exploring the natural world through the arena of memory and the subconscious, I hope to arrive at an image of "inevitability" where something akin to a true force of nature manifests itself.

It’s about being aware; about a sort of hypersensitive perception and the translation of that perception into the context of painting.

Within this construct it is my intent to organize states of feeling whereby the rhythms and complexities of our natural world merge into a singular given form.

In a catalogue essay for two exhibitions in Japan, the critic Robert Morgan wrote:

…Donald Groscost’s perception of nature is neither present nor absent.  Rather it goes in the direction of transforming the way we perceive the natural world, not through technological interference or its consequential detritus, but through envisioning a possibility where representation and abstraction declare a new visual structure.